Everything was going normal for once. can he be saved or will he be left to die? As soon as the black cleared, I realized we were standing in a black stone palace. I wasn't invisible, just manipulating the mist and I could feel the gaze of 2 young children of Hermes. 1st in #pe Gilgamesh forsaw that the ragnarok will start in another singularity killing all singularities at once. The Minotaur left Percy alone for a while, but he left Lycaon with the boy to take care and protect the Minotaur's pet. If Annabeth had been there she would probably be telling him historical facts about the bridge. Prompt: Can I please give you a promt? Percy could theorize all he wanted but the truth was, it was all in his head. During the day, the bridge was crowded with tourists and bikers and street artist trying to sell you stuff, but at this time there wasn't a soul around. Through a series of (not all unfortunate) events, she finds exactly who she is, or in some cases, isn't. "Then so be it." "You cannot!" That may or may not include sucking him off. Naturally, he didn't do it. Percy was pinned to the floor by Luke's foot and his minions noticed me. I fear for what those monsters have already done to him. I'll always be here for you cousin." If they can get the kids out of the house, that is. Who could blame some of them should they ache for her glances? The son of Hades also wants to free the love of his life - Percy Jackson. But I didn't care anymore. Thalia said from behind me. He couldn't understand why he ever married the woman. From everything. Percy Jackson hadn't always been Percy Jackson, he had been someone else before, in another life.Now however, he has this annoying constant sense of Presque-vu, which yes, he had to look up that word, but honestly who would know that?Being a 15 year old male omega with dyslexia and ADHD wasn't easy before and it isn't about to get better any minute from now.But his old nanny once said, "if life gives you lemons make a caipirinha".He would. This work was written for Percy Centric Polycule Week; Day 7 - everyone, but also works for Day 4 - ours. Frigga is highly displeased with Lokis attitude and his disrespectfulness towards her. The doors closed behind him and he felt shadows of his younger self as he walked through this familiar, yet forgotten room. Me he vuelto adicta a estas historias ya no tengo remedio. I packed all my stuff in a plain black back-pack, I also left a note to anyone that cared. Way to go, Jackson, He wanted to call her, he really did, but she wouldn't have answered, or at least he didn't think she would. But it has its uses.. That is atleast until an earthquake collapsed a building. Me encant que no fue apresurada la historia que nos hizo felices durante y hasta el final de esta! "How ironic, a son of Poseidon drowning. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (7), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (5), Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types (3), Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rick Riordan (1), Poseidon/Sasaki Kojirou (Record of Ragnarok) (3), Nico di Angelo/Connor Stoll/Travis Stoll (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Poseidon/Sasaki Kojirou (Record of Ragnarok), Heracles/Jack the Ripper (Record of Ragnarok), Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, This One's Different Than The Rest (She Doesn't Fear Me), Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Percy Jackson's Greek Gods - Filling In The Gaps, Hold me, love me, touch me, honey (be the first who ever did), I strongly believe Poseidon has a praise kink, im sorry i just think bottom Poseidon is so fucking cute u///u, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rick Riordan, Nico di Angelo/Jason Grace/Percy Jackson/Hades/Zeus/Poseidon, Luke Castellan/Nico di Angelo/Percy Jackson, Hades and Zeus have a cock-fight over Poseidon, this is one of the kinkiest things I've ever written. In the end, Hades gets two seas. We're testing that now. 139K 3.3K 7. Then you are going to sit on a chair for the rest of the night. That is one word that described Percy Jackson. Arthur Pendragon finds the predictable monotony of his everyday life quite thoroughly interrupted when he's tasked with supervising the training of a young, short-tempered manservant. Sequel to The New Laws. The twins don't want to sleep, Donny has a nightmare and Bianca Maria doesn't know how to fix it, so she goes to their mommy. Everything is peaceful, at least until Nico's sire Luke decides to drop by, because the truly Old Ones don't exactly approve of Nico's treaty with the wolves. Percy has some fun with his reverse harem - the gods. Thalia looked at him, "I just got a bad feeling about Percy at the moment." It's practically impossible for Nico to separate Percy from the bed. He couldnt help but feel something, seeing the old throne room and how different it was. # 1. Kimberly: Hes courting you, dumbass, Clarisse interrupted, looking like she was barely resisting the urge to reach a hand out and slap him. He needed her, he didn't know how to tell her but he needed her to run her hands through his hair and tell him he was fine, maybe then if even for just a few moments, he'd believe it. Fem! Keep it up! Sarie: It hides secrets in its depths and threatens even those that know it well. Sam and Dean headed back to their motel to pack up and leave. They both grabbed each of his shoulders and started thrusting inside him hitting his special spot at the same time making him moan loudly. (Better writing starts at Chapter 7) I had my knife aimed at the man's back, a perfect shot despite the crowded forestry. Surely they must be joking around with how obsessed they are acting with him? As Percy stared off into space, lilly pulled on his ear again, and this time at the top of her lungs yelled, "AUNT THALIA IS HERE! Percy I-I'm sorry. That sounded like it could give him the power to control his own life. Because Poseidon is in charge and if he says Percy's a prince, the rest of the court has to agree. Apollo, Hades, Hestia, and Aphrodite raised their hands. It was not even the greatest. It has been 500 years and I can still remember the worst day of my life perfectly. Sally Jackson " I said. She is illuminating and a breath of colourful air, an oasis amongst thirsting Gods who yearn to feel mortal despite the ichor in their veins. So she decides to pay a visit to his cell with plans to lavish motherly discipline on him to teach him a lesson. Takes place after The Blood of Olympus. I never looked back. Nico glared "He believes Percy is innocent. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. When I reached the eating pavilion I saw tonse of lights coming from it. But hearing about this relationship, Poseidon grows angry and jealous and also very upset, so he goes to confront them. A long time ago, a prophecy was made about the If you can't have the original, take the copy. Lucky for him they are very helpful and supporting, and they give him "quests" that are just way too easy. How ironic, he thought, a son of Poseidon drowning. "He is a traitor!" "Jason!" Warning: Will contain spanking of a teenager In which Keyara Robards is no longer a girl, in a world that shouldn't exist, and ready to fuck some things up.This world better watch out, cause they're pissed. "We closed the doors of death, sealing all monsters away. I was sitting with Nico under Thalia's tree while we waited for the Hunters of Artemis to show up, when Jason appeared. Percy thinks the world of gods and monsters has finally let him go only to be caught up in an arranged marriage to a god who hates him, political intrigue of the court he belongs to but doesn't understand and a the strange situation of being a stepdad to millenia old goddess'. Percy hoped none of his few siblings were in there at the moment. Please consider turning it on! Nico is a demon on a mission. Natalee Lindo: Dont like, dont read. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (13), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (15), We Both Need This Family (we both need each other), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III/Vax'ildan, Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, is there a real plot? "Remind me again d'Artagnan, did we not have a conversation a while ago, in which we talked about using your head first instead of throwing yourself into dangerous situations?" ((Title from the song Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical.)). Like an old painting in a museum, it slowly starts cracking and shedding away everything that once made it fascinating, until suddenly all that was left in its place was the ghost of what it used to look like. Nico looked the sky "His immortal flaw is Personal Loyalty. I know I know, I'm early, but I was excited. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Its Valentine season already, hence, I made it as an excuse to contribute more fanfics in this fandom about my favorite ships so far. One Italian betrayed by the seven, the parents, the gods, the whole . "I don't believe this!" They won the fight and found only one of the seven of the prophecy dead, Leo Valdez. They both looked at me. Pretty sure the title says it all. She was scared of him, and why wouldn't she be. So, you heard about the Ragnarok and make a deal with Poseidon. Zeus and Poseidon are here as well." And then, it's Master Baggins' turn. Percy and Vax find out how much both of them love big families, and each other. Percy Jackson Moana AU (also Ancient Greece AU?). Percy and Octavian pack up and leave for London, to meet Octavian's family and tell them about the pregnancy. Great writing, honeygirlphx: If only they could appease the gods keeping them far from their destination first. His legs felt like jelly but he was finally there. So unlike other stories that focus on the sidepairings, this focuses on the development of Nico's and Percy's relationship. Pain in my heart and mind as the day's events replayed in my head. Knocking on the door, I entered the big house preparing for the worst. good for them, I shouldnt even be posting this Im gonna orphan it right after, This fic could ruin my reputation all yall better not figure out this is me, The sex is actually very vanilla besides the pregnancy kink, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, Minor Annabeth Chase/Reyna Avila Ramrez-Arellano, Minor Hazel Levesque/Leo Valdez/Frank Zhang, Percy Jackson/Reyna Avila Ramrez-Arellano, Alternate Universe - Werewolves and Vampires. He really does need John to do just that. He got up, preforming the same ritual for the 7th night in a row. When Percy Jackson is promised to Ares as his wife, he isn't particularly happy with the news. Well it couldn't be helped as Amphitrite had been acting like a total bitch again. The only people that looked like they didn't agree, just a little bit was the Ares cabin. Either way Percy wanted her, he wanted to feel her besides him, to hear her voice say his name, maybe that would've done the trick. Percy Jackson, a 16-year-old lame kid, finds himself in a weird camp, after losing his mother to a half-bull, half-man creature.But that is not the worst. Releasing Percy's arm, Poseidon opened the door to the lodge and took a look around while the boy rubbed at his abused limb. I said the betrayel evident on my face. " After spending nineteen years at camp and fulfilling the prophesies with her cou Perci doesn't know what to do with herself anymore. Absolutely loved this book! The wind blew in his face and he could feel his feet dangling in the air. For the briefest of moments, he saw a dark cloak, and a pale arm, holding a scythe. Everything hit him like tidal waves, like first he could be drowning in paralyzing fear and then in an instant he could feel nothing at all. "We have to go after him." How wrong I was. So when Percival falls (very unexpectedly) pregnant with Vaxildans baby, what else is there to do other than raise their family? Starscream attempts to kill Megatron again, but ends up getting a good spanking from the Decepticon Lord instead. He felt as if the Fates were conspiring against . Poseidon was the second male and fifth child of Kronos, the Titan King of Mount Othrys, and his sister-wife Rhea, born after . Bumblebee's disobedient and rebellious attitude finally earns him a much needed spanking from Ratchet. Percy Jackson is many things: part god, part human, Hero of Olympus, Savior of the Gods, Annabeth Chase's boyfriend, Sally Jackson's son. Best Rankings: Can anyone help fix him, help mend his broken parts? Sort by: Hot. Non-Sexual Spanking. "For life?" It was the biggest mistake of his life. It was kind of ironic to watch two natural born enemies sharing a lover. So he decides on a little vacation on Olympus. "Well, well, wellwe meet again, son of Poseidon," Ares said menacingly. I've lived in New York for a few years with my adopted mom and father. Work Search: Percy jumped out and punched him hard. Most of all, they must come to terms with a father they have never known, and an Oracle that has warned them of betrayal by a friend. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). And its up to you what happens next. All the anxiety and paranoia he was feeling, it wasn't real, he knew that, and maybe that's what scared him the most. Its nice to read her alpha is not a dominant one and is so caring with her. Like lots of lemon. Percy gets into some trouble at Camp Half-Blood when he abuses his powers to get in a fight. Maybe, he didn't know. He glanced back at the alarm clock, 2:22 A.M., 15 minutes had passed. On the outside, Percy is one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. Work Search: Octavian gets his comeuppance at the hands of Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Reyna. She screamed after him. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Contains parental discipline/spanking of a child robot. Percy has faced down the horrors of war and the mythological world. "Nothing Percy, its just that these swords were meant to be able to take over 100,000 times my power and more, and still be able to project it. I'm just a regular 12-year-old girl. I was so focused on finding Annabeth that I didn't notice everyone wispering as I walked by, or how everyone would scowl at me like I was the devil. Welcome, boy, to your first family gathering.". Intelligent, strong, beautiful and loyal. The Giant war is over and that means peace at last, right? tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Hermes/Luke Castellan/Travis Stoll/Connor Stoll/Chris Rodriguez, | Aquilo | Boreas (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), | Zephyrus (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), | Eurus (Hellenistic Religion & Lore), Narcissus and Adonis are one and the same. Was this really the way he would go? He realized he was the last one to show up even Hades and Hestia beat him today. Please consider turning it on! But how? Percy chokes out. Had he really been staring at the celling for the past 3 hours? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Cerebros has had enough of Chromedomes disobedient attitude and decides that he needs a sterner form of discipline than just mopping floors. Loved it cant stop reading these books! Marriage by proxy may be out of vogue at the moment, Hera pipes up, delicate hands smoothing out a non-existent crease in her pantsuit. A rooski. Contains parental discipline/spanking of a child/teen robot. U-Ummmm maybe 3 months?" And that's how he encounters a majestic, white tiger. Percy Jackson has a rough past. He kept walking, until the it was already dawn and he reached his building. His wife and best friend Persephone makes a simple suggestion. Absolutely brilliant work of art. After Nico's rescue from the Giants, the Argo II returns to the US so they can strategize and gather reinforcement. It'd be nice for Percy to have an evening with adults again. In which, Batman takes Percy in for being a terrorist, Poseidon is a mother-hen, Aquaman is a fanboy, and Wally is confused. In which, Batman takes Percy in for being a terrorist, Poseidon is a mother-hen, Aquaman is a fanboy, and Wally is confused. Percy was born in the 1920s, raised with his best friends Biana and Nico Di Angelo. Mygod, John. Sherlock holds two fingers to either side of his forehead. Annabeth. ", Or: Ares gives Percy a gift, and he doesn't realize the implications until after Ares saves his life. Thalia took out Atlas, Prometheus and Nico took out Hyperion, and Crius. Feeling childish, he alters his appearance back to when he was a teenager and to fit the theme, he rolls up in his bed and watches cartoons all day long, with his big sisters coddling him.That is, until he breaks the One Rule. The sea can be quite similar to oblivion. Helpless against the many monsters that grabbed and tore at me, I was dragged across the rough ground, back towards my new home. It always came to that, to the same thought over and over. And the first secret revealed? His face rapidly reddened and he turned and began taking off his armor to hide his face. I turned and ran to my cabin, the voices of my ' father ' and ' friends' bouncing around in my head. The firstborn daughter of Poseidon. "Percy! I stood in the shadows, unnoticed by the careless child minder who was supposed to be looking after my 1-year-old son Percy. Father/son relationships, contains spanking. I didn't necessasarily think that anything was going on between them until I saw her lean over and kiss him! I decided to peak in instead of just walking in. He was tired, he didn't want to be the hero, not anymore. That is to say, there are merpeople frequenting the lagoon. Why, you may ask? And thats why he likes you, you know.. When it came down to the point where he felt like the walls were closing in on him, like his head would burst open and let the darkness consume him, when his knuckle turned white and he'd bite his lip so hard he could taste the blood on the tip of his tongue, that's when he'd get up. Either way, all Percy knew was that he couldn't go back, not now, not when everything was still so fresh in his memory. Y as es como un montn de campistas buscarn al culpable de embarazar a su lder, para castigarlo. The past Olympians were sent to a room along with famous heroes, and Titans by the Fates. She asked, tears streaming down her face. " No Disney's Hercules, not on Olympus, not ever.The Olympians meet to talk about what exactly is up with the Sea God and in the end, Hera gives them a little push and makes Hades and Zeus stop their ridiculous bitching and take responsibility for their brother in a way they hadn't really dared until then. Alas, the Fates are cruel. Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon and a hero of Olympus has been betrayed by everyone her loved and cared. Song I'm listening to - The Lonely by Christina Perri! I absolutely am in love with this book and can not wait for book 14 you have wrapped me in I need more!! Please consider turning it on! She soon finds a good way to make the naughty, scheming trickster confess his part of the failed plans to Odin. He couldn't even if he wanted to. Also, Percy never wants to feel as helpless as he did when Hera abducted him so becoming a god? You are going to stand in the corner for five minutes and then I am going to do it again. The gods were spending more time with their kids, making sure that they knew that the gods cared about them. This compilation contains tooth rooting fluff, a mild spice, and a bit of angst just to balance the ingredients, dont worry, no one died here, they all lived happily ever after.CONTENTS:, 003 :: Heracles x JackA Poetic Rendezvous, 007 :: Hades x Qin Shi HuangMy Empress, 008 :: Hades x Qin Shi HuangHades Dread, 009 :: Buddha x ZerofukuThe Tastiest Snack, 010 :: Buddha x ZerofukuHome is Where You Are, 011) Kojiro Sasaki x PoseidonTadaima, Okaeri, Amphitrite properly talking with Poseidon for the first time, Poseidon has turned into a female and she willing to try ANY method to return to her old self again. The sea easily swallows life with no trace left behind. Remember when Apollo said he wanted Percy to come from nipple stimulation alone? So far I have read all your books out on this site and on storysome. zeus. . He didn't know where he was going, it was the middle of the night and all he could think of was walking. The way he saw it, the more he'd put it off the better it would be when he finally got it, but lately it seemed that it was the complete opposite. The world has been saved. Her clouded eyes met Zeus's lightening blue ones. Not much had changed, his room was still messy and crowded with old junk from Camp Half-Blood, he guessed his mom hadn't gone in it since he went missing. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. June 2020, just a regular evening in the di Angelo household. "-Bro, me veo gordo con esta camiseta? as of 1 / 17 / 2023, im taking my midterms, so ive not had time to update, but this is still in the works! I just turned around, shaking my head and started walking back twords my cabin. " Hey, at least if he gets rejected he has all of break to cry his heart out, right? Bri: Wrong. The sea is not unlike the abyss; it is deadly, destructive. I wasnt going to let her get hurt!, Clarisse sighed. I gasped. Secrets that will be revealed by The Fates and Chaos, because they felt she had suffered enough. Situacin:Percy Jackson ha comenzado a ingerir alimentos ms extraos de lo usual y tiene cambios de humor explosivos. If he would have known that he couldn't trust Lycaon, he would have taken Percy with him right from the start, really.After all, he had only left to find the summer camp for monster-children to keep their kids and his mate save. Percy had not expected them to be that arrogant and hateful though. Percy is determined to save everyone and if he had to yell at the gods (ahem, Zeus and Hera) to do so, then, well, he wasn't exactly upset about it. He never paid close attention to where he was going, but he always ended up in the same place. i don't rise from the ashes, i make them Nico, the son of Hades, will birth a young god. But it's a decision already made and there's no place for questions or denial. It always came to that, the same thought over and over. He'd put on some ratty jeans, old sneakers and a hoodie, open his window and he'd leave through the fire-escape. ", "How long?" Percy was a very well-known and beautiful Prince of Atlantis, the other gods coveted the idea of spending a night with Poseidon's elusive son. There's a list of those written so far and a short summary in the begining of the 1st chapter, since the summary section allows a limited number of characters. I snapped "He's our friend and he was always there for us!" I couldn't beleive it. The first reached me before I was able to regain my footing and they pinned me down. In the Poseidon Cabin, Percy prayed for a battle. I might as well disown Percy, you are so much better!" Contains parental discipline/spanking of a child robot. They were all saying how amazing he was and that he was so much better then me. But that is not the worst. Maybe it'd worked for some time, but that faade had grown old. Updates every other Friday. Or when during the first book, they go with Chiron's plan instead. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, General Audiences, Not Rated, Teen And Up Audiences, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. I said yes, and we left earth, forever, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. It didn't feel like much but out the corner of his eye he could see the sun beginning to rise. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Percy realized he was alone, the same way he'd been before he found out he was a demigod, he was completely alone. At least that's what A sexy story with an interesting and unique plot. Running from the monsters and the hunters of Artemis. "We are undecided Father." Percy knew he should go to sleep, you'd think that after two weeks without getting any decent rest he'd be exhausted, but he simply couldn't close his eyes. "Uncle." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.