Has anyone bought clubs from easygolforder.com? However the font seems weird and a quick google search showed no images similar to the one here. This has been an ever increasing thing these days. The other store I was referring to was timetheputterman. Miura has been making the world's finest forged golf clubs since 1957. In retrospect, this looked too good to be true, and was. PayPal and Ebay provide no protection at all if you deal with these sellers, be fully aware of that!!! Ferrules will be a different style. Customer service is extremely friendly, helpful, and efficient. I have found 6 other auctions that I am sure is the same seller even though the seller identification is different, TaylorMade clubs are the only ones that I have looked for, but I would bet there are others as well. If you havent yet purchased clubs, I would recommend staying away from this site. If you can please send us your address we can send you a brown paper bag. If you ever need to reach us, we can be reached at 877-570-4653, and for those that have called you probably know Mike. The log0 and branding on the authentic cover is much cleaner. By Combines two of the common red flags of the small-time crooks or people who have been burned. MIURA MB-101. I could clearly be wrong , just my opinion. Awesome job! Starting to get the picture? Does anyone know anything about officeproshop.com. My friend told me the name of golf business and said from Chicago. Many of the younger kids were talking about a place called http://www.rockbottomgolf.com and how one of our kids bought a RBZ driver by taylormade at a great price. I just don't want, I've always said when buying irons or anything golf related on eBay, go to DHGate first and look up to see if those irons are available on the site. They seem to ship all their clubs via Shenzhen because thats where they are when I track there whereabouts. Here I come! I have played Taylormade all my life and should have known better when I saw teh price. CONFIRMED BY TAYLORMADE THAT THIS MAINLAND CHINA SCAM-COMPANY IS SELLING COUNTERFEIT CLUBS. they really do feel unique. * Hosted on 2 IP addresses over 0 years. xxxxxxxxxxxx.com really a legitimate outlet? www.titleist.com Please listen very careful I recommend not order any golf club from the internet as not famous golf business name from oversea! My hesititaion is the price. We are sincere to cover this matter amicably and easily. I DETEST any manufacturer that FIXES A PRICE. sunny. They real deal. Enough said. 184 for a set of X22 is extremely cheap. Of course, it wouldn't make any difference how Miura golf clubs look if they didn't excel in the right hands on the course or at the range. I think I may have just ordered some fake Callaway X-22 irons. Our records show it was established in 2000 and incorporated in New York. Though I sold the nice, legit Callaways I just bought, I did not place that order. I just bought cobra S2 Driver from Ebay. Hi, anybody know anything about Golf M Clubs, prices seem to good to be true. They tell me they do not sell fakes, or copies and have factory authorized warrantied products. Nine of them to be exact. We ran the serial number from your e-mail, and we were not able to pull up any specifications. And golf has now been engulfed by the issue. I buy Chinese clubs. Is the company real and did anubody bought any golf equipment from them. Go play them and have a great time on the course, no? And the partnership transcends the traditional sponsorship model. Thank you. i know this is a pretty old thread but it still seems to be drawing comments. I bet you typed into your Google search engine the worlds golf clubs followed by such words as cheap, bargain, wholesale, really cheap, rockbottom, really super cheap. I have received the $100 refund which means that I own the woods for less than $35 each which, as I mentioned earlier, I was satisfied with as far as performance. They are both directly enabling these fraudulent operations as far as I can tell. So nearly bought some clubs before finding this topic. I am looking to get a set of Ping V2s and have found multiple website with similar prices. Go to your local golf store instead. NS2.FASTNEXT.COM. So the clubs are fakes? Also, the magnet did not stick to the club face, so if its a knockoff, its a pretty damn good one. One sentence reads: Main products: golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf hats, golf gloves, golf towel, golf socks, golf shoes, greens fork ball, ball tray, and so on. This is a scam website! golfwholesale18 customer service. I ordered a set of Ping G20 irons from http://www.ukgolfmall.com, retail price 470, but on sale at 240 here. Looks like Im just another victim of fraud. The other is a cheap imitation which hits the ball considerably less distance. The first thing you will notice about a fake club is the quality doesnt compare to the real deal. Province: Fujian My friend really upset and cant afford with new set what he look for. After seeing the great deals they had, I got suspicious and brought the Scotty into the local pro shop. It has no physical address, some of literature on the website is in pidgin English, telephone number is only for taking orders and amazingly they claim to have sold 10 million sets of clubs. The only thing you should be doing with it is adding it to your banned website filter. golfdiscounting golfdiscounting I have been dealing with Rockbottomgolf for years. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And that is a new trick for them to use old serial numbers. My co-worker bought from buyinggolfonline.com. Ping clubs will be harder to tell because they have recently started using laser etching on their newer clubs. It doesnt make sense to me. I will link pictures here, seems you cant upload a Foto. I prefer not to use his name. And now they are even starting to have China assemble them as well. Clear editor. I think the fakers buy/source original heads as use them as master models for casting, I have seen Epons that were 99.9% as good,but cast and polished, Having said that,would not suggest contibuting to their cause. I would feel better if they had said got ya sucker but no they just down right lied! I just bought a set of mizuno mp68s off of mysurbuy.com and now I very uneasy with my purchase..what should I doI have not recieved the clubs yet they are in the mail. Scotty Squareback and Odyssey OG #7, Srixon ZX5 MKII Irons 4-PW Like New and a Titleist U505 4 Iron, OG Nike TW13 PING i59 irons Vessel Stand bag (trade), BGT Stability tour black with Scotty Cameron pistolini grip. I actually called Taylor Made and they were nice enough to check serial no. Serial number , well they said when I get my clubs i can check to the serial numbers. Ive received very suspect emails, and when aked about the authenticity of their products theres no response from them.The product is coming from China as can be seen from the tracking info, hey at least their sending something!. $3,200. But I am fairly certain. If you dont get fitted at an open sky range with a Pro that possesses a flight scope monitor or a Trackman monitoryou are cheating yourself. Some early clues, if you really need them. I have some stuff to post there that may be of interest. A magnet will not stick to a titanium driver, but it will to a counterfeit steel driver. Are they fakes? Admin Postal Code: 322000 They display a 1-866 number on their website but when you try the number all you get is a recorded message and no one ever calls back. Their rise to fame came with graphite shafts and oversized iron heads. These are authentic watches at a third off retail. Tour issue clubs have a serial number that starts with a T. www.taylormadegolf.com Email: BTW, http://www.brandgolfclubs.com is from Hong Kong China. what guarantee is there? They obvsiouly only have only one ball tray or maybe, again, that is Chinese speak for ball trays and please inform me what greens fork balls are. I instead checked eBay and examined the listings for the Diablos and found a couple of sellers with tens of thousands of overwhelmingly positive feedback. The way I look at it now If I cant afford Retail prices I cant afford the Clubs. It has been up since 1999. GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, Tuesday at 04:47 PM, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, February 20, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, February 13, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, February 6, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, January 31, By Good article. Has anyone had any good/bad dealings with them? The 8 iron has the serial number, and also did the magnet test. Also, you said they are shipping from China. I checked with this club and it seem not real original to me, because the swingweight is off the scale on each iron. Also, perfectoutdoorgame.com is screaming fakes. United States Clue one: Free shipping. But more often than not, I no longer have a choice. If you run your fingers across the bottom of the putter you will feel the edge of the weight. I hope they have some great holiday specials for I have several golfers in my family. Anyone with a strong physique might manage such heavy clubs of course but why suffer poor paintwork and the chance of heads coming off and injuring a child. They claim to sell only OEM clubs but the prices are so low I wonder if theyre not counterfeit. What companies make components here in the States? For those that havew not called us before, Mike is our Customer Service Manager. The KM 700 irons are truly works of art. Anyone hear of wowgolfclubs. The internet is a jungle where thieves and counterfeiters hide and thrive. Come on man, WAKE UP! 5 Testers Needed! Additionally, the backside of the club must be 24k gold plated; the colour of gold should not be so dark. I would want to see the numbering on the bottom, picture of writing on hosel, and a clear close of the back of the irons. The numerical font. Form 3 balls i received a 3 wood, use from Cleveland. Obviously there's some profit in faking them. The 6 of yours doesnt look right either. I 20:23:28 I have used Gigagolf, for example, and find their clubs to be excellent. My point is that some of the copies cannot be identified by the naked eye. hey brendon, Definitely a scam ! The site purports to be out of Chicago. All, I just see that 2nd Swing has put up a set of obviously fake Miura MC-501s on their website. no I, of course, am jesting. mizuno mp 57 swing weight between c4 and d8 lies from 2 degrees flat too 4 degrees upright I just received a callaway razor fit driver from jacks golf. That narrows it down a bit. How about gurugolf and empire-golf? Are you familiar with an outfit called http://www.golfetail.com? The thin top-line of the club gives it a very clean feel at address. Looking mainly at K Grind stuff now and higher lofts, since 2ndSwing only has 53 and below now. They have a currency converter in the lower right corner why??? gurugolf-ltd Big ebay seller. does anyone have any information about this site? Thats through feedback, Through other posters endorsing particular shops the vast majority of us can at least stand a chance. i just want to add that if they use pictures from online instead of actual camera taken ones i would trust them. Tgib Marketing Inc Business Information. What is your opinion on them? And this was all brought about due to fixed pricing by the manufacturer. Province: Zhejiang I tracked prices for a few days after purchase(I was shocked to see that I won this $270 set of clubs for $120). I am sorry but I dont believe this practice is legal and the lawyers have worded the agreements so to be able to skirt the law. I am curious to know if there is such a thing as a good deal with buying clubs online. I called Callaway corporate office and the guy said he could not locate their account based on their address. Thats why we could sell them at such favorable price. Does anybody know if http://www.wholesalegolfmall.com are genuine? Fake clubs? If you want the clubs and they are good deal buy them why worry about the price, thats Rockbottoms issue. Miura Black Boron 1957 Small Blades 2i-PW, Nippon NS Pro 850 GH S-flex Miura Black Wedges 53* and 60*, Nippon NS Pro 850 GH S-flex GripMaster Club Maker's Stitchback Grips 34" Piretti Bosa, GripMaster Pistol Grip Registered Bladeocrat Outlaw Golf Association Member #7 chriswsurprenant Advanced Members 81 Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. They have recently started putting serial numbers on the the hosel of all of the irons to confuse counterfeiters and are not used for registration or spec lookup. Notice the ferrule is much shorter on the counterfeit club. China company, total rip. They seem like a legit operation. To be eligible, the founder must be actively involved in the company, the company cannot be a spinoff or a division of a larger company, and company sales for 2006 must be at least $1 million. Counterfeit products are big business - fake Rolex watches, Gucci handbags and Prada shoes can be found easily worldwide. New York, NY 10018 Counterfeit Titleist MB 710 Iron Set. So many clubs these days have aggressive lines, visible weighting, and aggressive branding. When they are $999 new? Found out GOLFSTOCKONLINE.COM is just another COUNTERFEIT operation!!! If you are in the market for some used clubs, you can check out our eBay store for our selection of authentic equipment. Save your time and money, do not buy online unless its from a legit seller. You might try contacting them and see what kind of reply you get. Should of known considering that the irons are sold out at EVERY reputable store in my area including the few reputable online dealers. Contacted the store they shipped a new pair directly and the only cost for me was 10 pounds shipping. and was wondering if anybody has purchased anything from this site and if the clubs are counterfeit or real. Who cares if it is a Nike, Wilson, or a club that says XXX from planet Venus. Watch out. If the stores should really be getting products from the manufacturers, then their inventories should be updated and low-priced. The main reason for this is counterfeit club makers can easily take an actual serial number and stamp it onto their clubs. Would you post a list of every one of your General Purpose: Where do I sign up? Ah well, Ill just sell them on ebay when they arrive. But we have only been in contact with a couple sources. Do you know anything about sunogolf.com? Can anyone chime in and help confirm if I am right?? Your previous content has been restored. I almost bought the knock-offs. This is where the majority of the shadiness begins. 2ndswing.com appears legit. And iron setsshewwww fogetaboutit! Just seems to good to be true. Sole - the weights not sitting flush or fitting as they should. ns4.ename.cn Does anyone knowif greatgolfsales on Ebay is ligit or not? If they have several negatives or if they dont have a lot of transactions or feedback, be leery. I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Hey, so hurricane golf is a reputable dealer. Bill Street3: tome will tell, > i just recently bought 2 wedges(51,55) from 2nd swing, they were listed as mint. A legitimate seller of OEM clubs? Just wanted to followup on my own posting on Feb. 13th 12:47 am post, re: timetoshopping.com. Anyone that xielunyong You will receive fake products Anyway no doubt you will find holes in this, but I urge you to put your ego aside and humbly admit you may not have all the facts on this one? can you please explain this to me Here is the link that had them:https://www.2ndswing.com/pv-1353248025-miura-mc-501-raw-iron-set-5-pw-mitsubishi-rayon-oti-75-graphite-stiff-right-handed-3775in.aspx. How about knock offs? Does anyone know whether this suppliers sell original stuff? Have you heard anything about this site? This information has been very helpful. It takes a dumb victim for thieves to exist. Peter, I have the same question. Material used will be a different texture and firmness. TEE CB2 15* 3w, 43" 65g Fujikura Motore F1 S-flex Thoughts? I bought a D3 Titleist online. Registrant Email: [emailprotected], Administrative Contact: But the Good set is $311?!? Paul Registrant Contact: anyone know anything about 1fore1, a seller on ebay? When you say all the same line-up of brands do you just mean all the top names? Domain Name : golfleading.com Join the Titleist Golf Ball Testing Team. RockBottomGolf.com is headquartered in Rochester, NY with their distribution center located in Suffolk, VA. Some guy in South Korea just became YOU! I just bought a set of clubs off the same guy and am worriedI ordered them and havent yet received them. On this forum you should make it that the most recent comments show up first instead of the other way around. To me it read more like an advertisement than a worthy news story. them back but would very expensive. Why should a buyer waste time in checking who is real, (i am not IT tech) when the governements or controlling agencies should help more here? Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 2420 E Hennepin Ave If any further needs, please feel free to contact us. Do they have a phone number or mailing address? Admin Email: Technical Contact: I wouldnt buy irons, or driver if the web site smells funny (web-page errors, approximate English..), no customer service you can contact. I have played 3 rounds so far with them, and they hit beautifully. Other than that that these were very good counterfeits with only very mimimal differences from the genuine Ping clubs. Instead look at something they might have had to write themselves. does this website sell gunuine clubs, they say they are sent from the OEM factory. So we put the TC-201 irons in the hands of our scratch golfer by Hannah Holden | May 21, 2020 | Kit Fancy something a bit different in your next set of clubs? Bill Name: Brandgolfclubs Whats the difference. Dont be an idiot any longer. They seem ligit as they have been cited in Golf Digest but I did not know how they compared to the bigger names in golf. Is this legit? No phone #. But now we find your MasterCard is perhaps a fake. Shame on them! Came within 4 days, no issues, clubs are great and legit by confirming at local Roger Dunn. As far as we know Bob that shop is legit. They have the same minimum advertising prices as us so if it is cheaper then it is too good to be true 99.9% of the time. I spoke to a couple of friends and they said that this (RBG) company is very legitimate and that they have actually purchased from this company several times. The 3 Banger ~ Mavrik MAX | AD DI7x Needs reporting. I would be interested to hear your experience with them as well as any other people that have bought from garagesalegolf. Did they have a telephone number which is not for sales only? . fax: Technical Contact Information : I recently ordered supposed Taylormade R11 Fairway Woods from OURDISCOUNTGOLF.COM. They are far, far away from US!! One of the questions I asked was where they get there golf clubs from. Mizuno asked if they could keep them to pursue legal action against the companies in the US and China that the clubs came from, but I have not heard from Mizuno at all. I was wanting to know some information on these websites. While some clubs have amazing deals, others are not. cn, I just ordered a custom made putter from a builder here in America.with my specifications..i bet 95% of golfer have no idea what their ideal specs are.another secret of mine. Spot The Fake. To close the loop on this, I emailed Miura with the links and research. If you really want good quality golf club, go to your local golf store and they will give you fitting and measure and you buy the golf club from them! I searched for the name on the corner of one of the photos "aliexpress" and found what looks to be the same set of 3 Miura wedge heads selling for $65. Maybe they should be more reasonable with their markupsand stop trying to sell me stuff I dont need as soon as I walk in the door. Admin Street2: How about this? Has anyone bought clubs on the website economygolfsale.com? Thank you. If its a fake, then Id love to see how far I could hit a legit club lol. Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. Ground research has found address given is fictitious. Delivery is phree throughout the world. Listed without the pics of the soles. 1-800-225-8500. Thoughts from anyone? [emailprotected] Lastly, use common sense if a brand new R11 driver is advertised as $200 off its most defenitely not legit. I finally took it to a reputable supplier and compared it side by side. Google this number and most of the site list here will show up Hi Guys please be aware of this site http://www.wholesalegolfmart.com I pursued getting my money back through paypal and was able to stop shipment and get a refund prior to shipment. http://www.cobragolf.co.uk/dealer-locator. I bought some Ping G25s and while the shafts (TFC 360 graphite) and grips looked ok, the heads had a plastic covered piece of grey foam where the CTP should be (Tungsten insert). Any comments? If the Clubs are fake they have to refund your money since its illegal to sell fake clubs. Hi Guys Most stickers on authentic clubs are placed on the underside of the shaft up by the grip or down next to the ferrule. Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Other smaller review sites can be helpful as well in sending you in the right direction. Pasted as rich text. According to the cobra website , (click the online dealer link) golf247 are an authorised dealer. Anyway, the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are that it isnt true. Hi PeterTGW.com is legit. I also called cobra directly to inquire about golfetail because the website is not listed on cobras list of authorized retailers. 1-800-588-9836. 56988965 Fax , Domain servers in listed order: Reminiscent of hitting a rock with a wooden baseball bat. Font used will be slightly different or maybe a slightly different size. Do not deal with sunogolf. ), TEE CB2 13* 3w, 43.5", 57g Fujikura Motore F1 X-flex but if you dont have anything lefty, they are fake, Nicole 20:26:08 Anybody done business with tincup_golfstore on e-bay. GREATGOLFDEALS.COM SITE INFORMATION I purchased (or thought I did) a Bang Storm driver from a company called golf discount center supposedly from San Mateo CA in late August 2010 and have yet to receive my order two months later. http://www.mygolfpurchase.com, prices are extremely cheap and the person you can talk to can barely speak english, suspect the clubs are fake so beware everyone! Phree shipping threwout da world. I purchased a set of FT-ibrids from him and am wondering after reading on hear if they are authentic. They have the best feel ever in my experience. Started Tuesday at 05:32 AM, Please put and questions or comments here, Please put any questions or comments here, Please put any questions of comments here. http://www.dhgate.com im planning on checking for a serial number and calling callaway to see if the number matches the set. i purchased some taylormade burner irons from itaintpretty about a month ago. If you think this guide will help you identify counterfeit golf clubs, please share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons below. Admin Street3: The clubs tested very well. Congratulations on scoring some Miuras. Not titanium either like it is suppose to be. If anyone has any experience with them I would appreciate your opinion. I have been looking at their site and whilst it is not as cheap as some it still cheap and they are based in China. I sent the clubs to Mizuno in Atlanta to have them checked. Should you require any further information on our range of Miura golf irons or Miura golf wedges or you would like to book a custom fit session please call our team on 0161 969 4644 or email pro@scottsdalegolf.co.uk I paid over $300 for these and guess what? http://www.sunogolf.com. With golf being a confidence game, I dont need to worry about this in the middle of my back swing. Sawa set of callaway razr x 3-9ps for 388.00 wanted to know if this site is la git thanks. just save the time and cost on our both sides. I don't think Mr Miura would license Aliexpress to sell 3 of his wedges for $65!!!!! I have bought a lot of golf equipment over the years thru Ebay, but (as far as I know)it has all been legit except for my recent purchase. Just want to warn everyone that this site sells fake clubs, and wont refund your money when you try to return the club. Is he cheaing? http://www.hotgolfuk.com I was wondering whether this is a legit website or full of fakes.